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    Welcome to Nanox
    The ONE STOP solution
    for drug delivery technologies
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    with human health
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    Nanotech solutions across
    discovery and development

Development & Research

Nanox Development and Scaling Up are being carried out in a European GMP facility audited by German authorities.

Development & Research


Liposomes are vesicular sacs similar to tiny cells, composed by durable lipid bilayer membranes that separate an internal aqueous volume from the external meduim.


The pegylation of proteins was developed for improving biomedical efficacy, physicochemical and pharmacokinetics properties, and to reduce the number of weekly injections used in the treatment.


The delivery of controlled release drug employs drug-encapsulating devices from which therapeutic agents may be released at controlled rates for long periods of time.

Constantly engaged in the research

and development of advanced discovery


Nanox focuses on the development of
long-acting, controlled release version of the known therapeutics, as well as drugs development on the behalf of its clients.

Development & Research

GMP The Quality Assurance uses the European Good Manufacture Practices and Control of products.


Mobile Optimized

Our Mission

Our Mission as a company is to build a major global nano-biopharmaceutical corporation
while focusing on the discovery, the Nano- technology, the development, and the commercialization
of products for the treatment of the cancer and other severe immune, inflammatory conditions.

Research, Development and Innovation

at the service of humanity